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Professional French Drain Installation & Service

Improper drainage can cause standing water around sidewalks, driveways, foundations, and flower beds. If improper drainage is not resolved, it can cause structural damage, erosion and plant disease.

At Professional Landscape & Irrigation, we are experts at subsurface drainage / French drains!

French Drain Service Solutions

A properly installed French drainage system is your foundation’s best friend and promotes healthy plant and turf life. French drains collect water from poorly drained areas and carry it to a main drainage line, dry well, ravine, or directly to the street.

French drains can intercept water that is draining from adjacent properties and carry it away before it enters your landscape. A French drain is constructed using pea gravel, woven landscape fabric, and a perforated and corrugated drainage pipe.

To create a French drain, we dig a trench that will carry water away from the area to be drained. Ideal places to put drains are the bases of slopes, along retaining walls, or any other area where water tends to collect, making certain that your trench is well sloped so water is encouraged to move through the drain to the desired destination.

We install a perforated drain line at the bottom of the trench, and back fill with gravel. Water enters the perforations in the drain lines when the surrounding media is saturated and can be carried away more quickly than just by percolating through the gravel.

french drain installation and serviceDiverting Unwanted Water Away from Your Foundation

Proper water drainage is essential for a healthy foundation. Without an efficient drainage solution in place, water can cause extensive problems to your property and foundation over the short and long term. At Professional Landscape & Irrigation, our experienced landscapers are experts in yard drainage, drain services, and drainage repair, including waterproofing and French drain installation in Mid Cities, Grapevine, Flower Mound, and surrounding areas. We’ve been in business for over 27 years!

Signs You Need Water Drainage Service

Even if your home or office already has a water drainage system now, the existing solution may not be efficient enough to protect your property and your foundation. If you’ve noticed the signs of a yard drainage problem, it’s important to contact an experienced professional to determine whether your property could benefit from additional drainage solutions before the problem escalates and causes damage to your property.

  • Puddles or pooling water around your house or property after watering or rain. This indicates that water is unable to flow efficiently away from your foundation, leaving it at risk for expensive damage.
  • Dark water spots on your subsurface walls are a sign that runoff is finding entering your property, rather than flowing away from it.
  • A mold problem or a moldy smell in your subsurface areas or crawlspace points to the presence of considerable moisture, which may be due to a lack of sufficient drainage.
  • Clear signs of foundation damage, such as cracks in your foundation, subsurface walls, or around your window and door frames, mean there is a moisture problem affecting the soil around your foundation. Improving water drainage is the first step in foundation repair to ensure that any actions taken to correct foundation damage will continue to work once the work has been completed.

french drain serviceOur drainage correction services include

  • French drain
  • Subsurface waterproofing
  • Slope correction
  • Under slab tunneling
  • Grading
  • Swells
  • Ravines
  • Positive sloping
  • Trenching

Subsurface drainage is the term used for alleviating water flow using any kind of a drain that goes under ground. French drains use rock underneath the trench, and come in many styles. They have the look of river rocks and add style in addition to the protection required.

For property owners that don’t want to see rocks, we also offer other solutions.

Professional Landscape & Irrigation can help ensure a long life for your property’s foundation. Whether you need to install a drainage system or change the slope of the yard to re-route water away from problem areas, you are in the right place!

Contact us by phone at 817-929-7712 or via our web site. Ask about any concerns you have and how we can help resolve them!

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